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We offer Coaching in the following disciplines.


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Programs vary and are usually dependent on age

Athletes are grouped after his or her age. The athletes age is determined as the age the athlete will become at the birthday during the calendar year January 1 to December 31. This means that an athlete with a birth date of December 31 1983 will compete as a 21 year old during the entire 2004 year, i.e., not as a 20 year old for the year and a 21 year old for one day.

The age group classes are divided as follows:

1. Junior Development (JD) ages 9-15. These athletes always compete in one year groupings, i.e., they always compete in there own age group. They are guided by separate rules set by BCAA and the BCAA Junior Development Committee. They have their own BC Championship. They seldom compete outside BC.

2. Juvenile (Juv) ages 16-17. These athletes always compete in one and same age group in Canada, i.e., the 16 year old competes against the 17 year old. They have their own BC Championship. They compete for the "Canadian title" in a championship organized by the Canadian Legion. A BC team is selected by BC Athletics to the Legion Championship. This is the only way an athlete can get access to this Championship. The BC Championship is the qualifying meet for the BC Team positions.

3. Junior (Jr) ages 18-19. These athletes always compete in one and same age group in Canada, i.e., the 18 year old competes against the 19 year old. They have their own BC Championship. They have their own Canadian Championship meet. BC Athletics is sending a Junior team to the Canadian Championship and the team is picked from the BC Championship results. An athlete with standards for entry in the Canadian junior Championship may enter as a Club Athlete or unattached in The Canadian Junior Championship. Athletes younger than 17 years of age may also enter providing they have the minimum entry standards.

4. Senior (Sr.) ages 20 and up. These athletes compete in one (open) group. They have their own BC Championship which also serves as a selection meet for the BC Sr. Team to the Canadian Championship. Athletes of all ages can compete in the BC and Canadian Championships providing they have the entry standards (no standards for the BC Championship necessary).

A coach can let an experienced 14-15 year old to "compete up", i.e., let the athlete compete in the juvenile group or Junior to give them experience and challenge.

Now we come to the confusing part: BC School system has their own groupings. High school athletes compete in one series and elementary athletes in one series. The high school athletes are divided into Bantam - Juvenile - Junior - Senior. I believe Senior are grade 12, Junior grade 11, Juvenile grade 9-10, Bantam grade 7-8. The high school kids must qualify through regional championships (for us the Sr. Valley's in Kelowna) to be able to go to BC High school finals in Vancouver. Elementary school athletes compete in age groups of same year and will only have a regional meet in Penticton. The high school implements weights vary from the BC Athletics weights and the hurdle heights and distances vary as well.

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